Turner Pest Control

Busting Bugs for 50 Years

Founded as a family-owned business, Turner Pest Control quickly became one of the fastest-growing companies in Florida and South Georgia. In 2021, Turner Pest Control marked a half century of supporting its customers and its community.

To celebrate, they came to us early in the year to create an “out of the box” campaign that would really generate buzz with their target markets across Florida.

Our campaign centered around the tagline, “Busting Bugs for 50 Years,” and included their iconic bug puppets in the creative. We designed “Wanted” western-style posters for each of the puppets with a CTA to collect a reward at TurnerPest.com.

The look and feel was replicated in digital ads targeted in their preferred demographics. In collaboration with Crop Creative Media, we developed a TV spot detailing the bugs – Crunchy, Munchy and Miss Quito – getting busted by Turner Pest Control.