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We are a full-service marketing and communications firm. Our partners turn to us for brand development, campaign-specific projects, ongoing media representation, and everything in between. View the Full List of Our Services


We are somewhat biased — and incredibly bullish — about the growth and evolution that lies ahead for our local business community. As a result, we focus on helping companies that want to win here in Jacksonville and Northeast Florida realize their full potential. We specialize in providing our clients with a deep understanding of the local market and the consumers they are trying to reach.

In addition to this focus on our local community, we also regularly partner with clients at the regional and national levels in the Consumer Goods industry — an area where our team can provide specialized passion, experience, and insight. Learn More


Just as the seasons rotate and change, your marketing strategy should evolve over time to reflect your customers’ most pressing needs. Learn More

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Case Studies

Since hiring Wingard to handle media-buying and public relations for Jax Federal Credit Union, I’ve been amazed and delighted at all the positive results! I’ve seen our CEO and top executives as regular guests on local television, furthering a mission of financial wellness. They have been enthusiastic, strategic, focused, and fun! It’s a delight working with them and I recommend them with zeal!

Angie Coleman, Chief Marketing Officer, JAX Federal Credit Union

The team at Wingard has a keen sense of creating the right message at the right time. What is particularly impressive is their ability to dig into any one of our projects nationwide and quickly understand the surrounding community and how to speak to them.

Jan X Hanak, Vice President, Marketing + Communications, Regency Centers

Wingard has been instrumental in the development and implementation of our marketing program, and the results have been terrific. Their ability to understand the unique qualities of our company and industry has been vital to conveying our message in a way that connects with our audience.

Bill Long, Principal, Starling Living

The commitment and dedication Wingard has to building brands, listening to a client’s needs, and supporting their clients through the whole process of opening a business is a testament to their brand. Wingard has created strong brands for every one of our companies and has produced work that reflects our vision.

Alex Klempf, President, BAM Investment Group

Wingard worked seamlessly with our Board of Trustees, staff and stakeholders capturing the DNA of the Museum and an identity expression that aligns with our future growth aspirations. They remain a vital part of our working brand team and exceed a single business agreement – they are truly ongoing partners in our success.

Maria Hane, President, Museum of Science & History

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