St. Augustine Lighthouse

Illuminating a Landmark

Every year, thousands of tourists, students, and local residents visit the St. Augustine Lighthouse: an iconic landmark that dates back to 1874. The lighthouse represents a tangible link between the city’s maritime history and the modern day.

The lighthouse’s 145th anniversary presented a perfect opportunity to launch an awareness campaign targeting first-time visitors and returning guests alike. The commemorative logo features elements from the parent brand, including the signature striped column and lantern room. While the parent logo is contained within a circle, the commemorative logo features contemporary rectangular layers and a flag. The color palette features deep navy and vibrant red, which convey tradition and heritage. Headline and body copy communicate how the visitor experience connects guests to a unique relic of the past.

The campaign included posters, print ads, and postcards that paired the new mark with historic images from the museum’s archives.

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