Find Yourself in Nocatee

A modern neighborhood deserves an equally modern welcome center, so that’s what we created. We developed a custom, locally hosted website to give Nocatee’s prospective homebuyers a snapshot of the local and regional offerings, including fitness trail maps, amenities and school information. Welcome center ambassadors use an iPad to navigate visitors through the sleek, functional site. Printed companion pieces, including maps and brochures, make it all the more easy to take those enticing details home for further review.

To complement these products, a series of print ads and outdoor boards were launched to entice homebuyers to think about how the Nocatee lifestyle could align with their current phase in life. Targeted headlines speak to various ages and desires; for instance, “Home of the unplugged lifestyle” tells seniors that they can unwind and get back to basics at Nocatee, while “Home of the make a splash! lifestyle” alerts families to the community’s aquatic amenities.