Kingmade Jerky

Fit for a King

Jerky used to bring to mind visions of burly hunters in the woods, but Jeff King has changed all that. In 2012, the professional golf caddie created his first batch of homemade jerky to bring along as a snack on the greens. Golfers quickly started requesting some for themselves, returning with rave reviews — and Kingmade was born.

In 2019, Wingard collaborated with Kingmade to elevate the brand in alignment with its selection as Official Jerky of the PGA TOUR. Our team crafted a unique packaging design, created a cohesive color scheme, and launched digital ads and email campaigns to target new audiences outside of the golfing community, including the hikers, campers, and health & fitness enthusiasts. We also worked with Kingmade to design an Amazon storefront, providing an additional way for consumers to discover the Kingmade brand and buy at their convenience. If you’re looking for the ultimate jerky, Kingmade is for you.