JU Davis College of Business

The Opportunity

Jacksonville University consistently earns top marks for its academic excellence, especially the award-winning Master of Business Administration (MBA) program. Despite its acclaim, the Davis College of Business (DCOB) was one of the best-kept secrets in Jacksonville’s professional community — and the school’s leaders wanted to change that.

While regional competitors touted the convenience of online courses or condensed weekend schedules, JU had the opportunity to establish itself as the local graduate program of choice for Northeast Florida professionals who were ready to climb higher in their careers.

The Realization

We partnered with a third-party research group to survey past, current, and prospective students to assess their awareness and impression of the JU DCOB brand. Results showed that the school’s biggest obstacle to enrollment was a lack of name recognition and an unclear value proposition.

By establishing a distinct brand for the school (“JU Davis Means Business”), articulating the aspirational appeal of an MBA, and increasing the program’s visibility through a targeted media campaign, JU could shift momentum away from its competitors and back to its own classrooms.

JU Davis Means Business

The Results

Our diversified advertising campaign delivered an incredible rate of return for impressions across digital, radio, and out-of-home messaging, resulting in a significant increase in applications.



Radio impressions


Digital impressions


Out-of-home impressions


Increase in conversion for students who attended open house events