Go Pull-It

Pulling Out All The Stops

When we took over the GO Pull-It Facebook page in February 2016, they were spending a significant amount of money every month on paid likes. Our assignment was to reduce the number of posts per week, deliver a higher value for a lower ad budget, stabilize the number of “unlikes,” and create engagement among the audience – all for a brand outside our realm of knowledge. Not one to shy away from a challenge, we did extensive research on our new customers and began running tests to see what drew fan engagement (and what didn’t). We then began tailoring our content to their interests. Spending time on the Superyard, we captured images and information that spoke to them, excited GO Pull-It’s customers, and caused them to share posts with their friends. We cut the spend by almost 70%, stabilized “unlikes,” created new organic growth, and increased engagement by 22%. Most importantly, we increased the organic growth so we have followers for life, not just a day.