Rethink Everything

Smart technology has changed the way we work, play, and connect, so why wouldn’t it change the way we live? That question inspired the developers of eTown to create an entirely new community built around the pillars of technology, convenience, community, and sustainability. They didn’t just think of everything: they rethought everything.

We developed a brand identity that blends modern details with environmentally inspired touches. The logo is clean and minimal, with a rectangular container that resembles both a charging battery symbol and a letter from a keyboard. The color palette uses shades of blue and green to represent eTown’s commitment to sustainability, with pops of yellow and imagery of light bulbs to connote innovation. Our team also developed a messaging platform that highlights eTown’s core values, differentiators, and value propositions. The language and visual systems we created come together seamlessly in eTown’s brochure and interactive website, which allow prospective homebuyers to envision their future in Jacksonville’s most connected new community.