Cummer Museum Campaigns

C” Yourself at the Cummer Museum

Since 1961, the Cummer Museum has served as one of the region’s premier cultural destinations. The expertly curated galleries comprise only a fraction of the visitor experience; other highlights include riverfront gardens, interactive spaces, classes, events, lectures, and a restaurant that serves culinary art to rival any masterpiece.

Our work for the Cummer Museum is equally diverse. From in-gallery audio tours to wayfinding signage, and exhibition campaigns to a comprehensive rebrand, our team has delivered creative services to attract, engage, and amaze the museum’s many audiences.

Summer Dreams

The Cummer Museum provides a setting where visitors can experience new places, cultures, and perspectives — all without leaving Jacksonville’s city limits. This idea inspired a summer campaign to drive attendance during the long days of summer.

Masterpieces from the Cummer Museum’s permanent collection were paired with headlines inspired by classic summertime activities and destinations. The font used throughout the campaign evokes the look of a hand-written postcard. The campaign appeared in print, digital, and outdoor, as well as an in-theatre promotion at a nearby movie theatre.

Parties with a Purpose

Arthur and Ninah Cummer were known to be legendary hosts whose parties were the talk of the town. The Cummer Museum sought to capture that energy with a new series of fundraiser events that debuted in 2018. Museum leaders wanted the series to showcase unique, interactive experiences, delicious food, and the stories behind the artwork featured in the Museum’s annual exhibition calendar.

Our team developed the branding for the Inspired Palates series, including the name. The word “inspired” connects the series to the Museum’s mission statement (to engage and inspire through the arts, gardens, and education), while using “palate” in place of “palette” speaks to the culinary focus. Custom illustrations give each event in the series a unique look and feel that connects to the theme. A folded invitation system provides a playful twist on a traditional collateral suite, and nods to the unexpected and avant-garde experiences that await each guest.

The Official Guide to Family Fun

The Cummer Museum prides itself on being a place where families and children can learn, explore, and have fun together. In an effort to make each child’s visit as enjoyable as possible, the Museum’s education team compiled resources, activities, and other tips for navigating the campus.

The Chartrand Family Guide presents these details in a colorful and kid-friendly format. The guide is right-sized for little learners and parents alike. Maps help parents identify locations of interest (including Art Connections, an interactive learning area), while games and scavenger hunt-style prompts make every visit an adventure.

Augusta Savage Campaign

Augusta Savage was a Harlem Renaissance icon whose work helped inspire a movement. The Cummer Museum’s exhibition, “Augusta Savage: Renaissance Woman,” reassesses her impact on art and cultural history through the lens of what it means to be an artist-activist.

While many exhibition campaigns highlight works from the collection, the power of Augusta Savage’s story merited a different approach. This promotional campaign featured visual elements inspired by 21st-century activist posters. The portrait seen throughout the campaign captures the curiosity and focus that contributed to her work not only as an artist and activist, but also as an entrepreneur, teacher, collaborator, community leader, and mentor. The layout and color palette represent an evolution of the Cummer Museum’s brand, while retaining the equity of the logo. Halftone detailing add a bold edge to the overall look and feel. The campaign featured posters, invitations, and program guides.