Museum of Science & History

Curiosity Welcome

As the Museum of Science and History (MOSH) prepared for its 75th anniversary in 2016, Wingard partnered with museum leaders on a rebranding campaign to re-introduce MOSH to the Jacksonville community.

We collaborated with MOSH leaders to fine-tune a visual concept that reflects the museum’s balance of science and history. An animated logo brings motion and flexibility to the mark; as the logo moves, the “O” shape shifts to form icons that connect to Florida’s unique scientific and cultural history. Additionally, we delivered a comprehensive messaging platform that articulates MOSH’s values and value proposition. The new brand made its debut at the inaugural MOSH Bash, where a larger-than-life brand video was projected in the Bryan-Gooding Planetarium. Today, the updated brand system is visible in the museum’s website, signage, print collateral, and social media.

Wingard worked seamlessly with our Board of Trustees, staff and stakeholders capturing the DNA of the Museum and an identity expression that aligns with our future growth aspirations. They remain a vital part of our working brand team and exceed a single business agreement – they are truly ongoing partners in our success.

Maria Hane, President, Museum of Science & History