We’ve been reviewing search trends in Jacksonville and the effect coronavirus has had on them — below, we’ve highlighted some of the more significant trends we found.

Please note: These graphs do not show the number of searches. They show the popularity of those searches on a scale of 0-100, with 100 being the highest volume of searches. Google does not display the exact amount of searches through Google Trends.



The chart below shows the search trends in Jacksonville for unemployment dating back to 2004 to provide perspective.

Additionally, you can see the related searches for unemployment over the last 30 days.


Whether you received your stimulus check or you are still waiting for it, chances are you’ve probably Googled for information about it. Searches for stimulus have grown exponentially since early April.

Thank You, Coronavirus Helpers

There has been an outpouring of online videos from people, celebrities, and companies thanking people who are working at the front lines of the coronavirus outbreak. Naturally, searches for these videos, as well as ways to say thank you to those helpers, have grown.

How to Make a Face Mask

Search projections on YouTube for “How to make a face mask” were at an all-time high this month.

Grocery Delivery & Food Delivery

With more people getting groceries or restaurant food delivered, it’s no surprise searches for these have been more frequent this month. What’s surprising is that they’re still not at an all-time high.

DoorDash vs. Grubhub vs. Postmates vs. Uber Eats

In addition to grocery delivery, people have been looking more frequently for restaurant delivery through one of the primary delivery services. DoorDash appears to be winning the search battle in Jacksonville.

Duval County Public Schools

Schools are still closed, and students are learning at home via Duval HomeRoom. When that shift happened, there was a natural spike in search queries related to Duval County public schools and Duval HomeRoom.

Tiger King

We’ve passed the peak for Tiger King searches — for now — but it’s remarkable how quickly the trends rose and fell. 

Carole Baskin vs. Joe Exotic

We’re not taking sides here, but we wanted to show the popularity of searches for these archenemies.

Other Rising Trends

Here are some topics and search queries that are trending upward over the last 30 days. This information changes regularly, so check back or take a look at Google Trends directly to see how this information evolves.

Rising Topics Over Last 30 Days

Rising Search Queries Over Last 30 Days

Get Trendy with It

We’d encourage you to check out Google Trends directly, or take a more in-depth look into one of the trends we outlined above. If you find data we should be looking at, share it with us on social!