As a full-service advertising agency, you can bet our team of designers and developers are always go, go, going. While we’re never going to cut corners to get work done faster, we are not afraid to utilize a few Google Chrome extensions to help make our jobs easier and more efficient.


Favorite Time-Saving Extensions




There are millions of fonts in existence, and some look so similar, it’s hard for the untrained (or busy) eye to tell the difference. This extension makes it easy to identify fonts on a website, just by clicking on a word! As an added bonus, it also detects the services used for serving the fonts.


Page Ruler Redux

A core web developer and designer tool, this extension allows you to get pixel-perfect measurements of web elements for website front-end development, web design, or anything else that requires precise pixel measurements.



This amazing extension allows our developers and designers to use tools like advanced eyedropper and color picker to get a color reading from any point in a browser, quickly adjust the color, and paste it into another program.


Full Page Screen Capture

This is the simplest way to take full-page screenshot of the current page in entirety. It captures each part of the page, and takes you to a new tab that shows the screenshot where you can easily download it.


Unsplash Instant

We love using Unsplash for it’s beautiful, free-use photos, but with this extension, every time you open a new tab, Unsplash Instant shows a beautiful, high-resolution photo from its database that’s free to download and use however you want.



This life-saving extension helps make sure we deliver clear, mistake-free, and impactful projects. We also really like the weekly emails with personalized insights and performance stats.


Pinterest Save Button

We use Pinterest A LOT in our day-to-day work, but let’s be real, it can be a real time suck if you end up going down a rabbit hole. By adding the Pinterest Save Button extension to the browser bar, we can easily save inspiration we find without ever going to the Pinterest page.



This extension provides technology usage statistics, customer lists, and trends for the internet. If we want to know how many websites are using JQuery or how many have installed Google Analytics, this tool can give us that info. It also lets us download the websites running these technologies, so we can create lists of the sites using specific web technologies, and then use those lists to find new prospects and customers.


These are just a few of the thousands (even millions) of extensions available to help developers and designers like us get the job done more efficiently. If you need to keep these on hand for future use, save this post using either the Pinterest Save Button or Full Page Screen Capture extensions.