If your office is like ours, you’re on your sixth or seventh week of working remotely, and that Tiger King background on Zoom has grown stale. To provide some variety to our days and to make us all feel more connected, our team pulled together some images of iconic Jacksonville locations for use on Zoom. 


Boneyard Beach at Big Talbot Island State Park

You can almost hear the ocean with this picture, and you won’t have to vacuum sand out of your car after looking at it.

Chamblin Bookmine

Want to lose yourself in a world of words? Unfortunately, the background won’t provide the cozy feeling that comes with the smell of old books, but it might tide you over. 

Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens

We’re missing the Cummer Museum more every day and can’t wait to explore the museum and enjoy the gardens again.


Dames Point Bridge

The coolest (and most terrifying) bridge to drive over in Jacksonville looks majestic from this angle. 

Florida Theatre

How do you get to be on stage at the Florida Theatre? Ask Natalie DeYoung about her experience. We’re guessing the answer is practice, but we’ll just use this image instead. 

Friendship Fountain

Where friendships blossom, six feet apart.

Jacksonville Beach Pier

Join the Jax Beach locals at this iconic spot – don’t forget your fishing rod.



Jacksonville Landing

Who said time travel wasn’t possible? 

Jacksonville Public Library Main Branch

We’re longing for some library time to refresh our books, although thankfully, our late fees are suspended. Until we can get back in, this photo will have to do.  

Jacksonville Skyline

The sun rising over downtown is a beautiful sight. In these quarantimes, those of us without kids don’t get up that early so it’s nice to have a reminder. 

Main Street Bridge

We don’t miss getting stuck at the bridge, but we do miss seeing it outside our office window. 

Treaty Oak

The perfect place for proposals, photoshoots, and picnics. 

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