Football fans will remember Super Bowl LI for the crazy comeback the Patriots mounted against the Falcons. Advertising fans, however, will remember another year of lackluster commercials. For $5 million per 30-second spot, I thought there would be a resounding bounce back in creative genius to make my time and attention worthwhile.

I was wrong.

This year’s commercials were dominated by auto dealers (10) and political undertones, and there were hardly any beer companies (three). The Super Bowl is a game, and thus it should be fun and lighthearted (in theory). Ads around the broadcast should mirror that, but with the large audience, it’s hard for some companies to resist the temptation to step onto a soapbox.

Besides a few bets, not all was lost. Here are a few brands that clearly understood their audiences and produced the best spots for 2017.

Avocados from Mexico
In the first commercial break, this one wasn’t only funny — it was memorable. Extra point: it was straightforward and to the point, while still making you chuckle. That’s the perfect recipe for a Super Bowl commercial.

Synovus Bank
This spot was only broadcast to a regional audience, but Synovus Bank nailed it. This commercial features a customer who lays out the truth on Clydesdales and how they don’t act as depicted by Anheuser-Busch in their previous ads. Or do they…?

Just because it wasn’t funny, doesn’t mean it wasn’t good. This spot transcended the political chord, and resonated on a moral one. It let viewers know what the company stands for, and how it views its employees and clients. Well done.

Buick has been running a campaign for the past year to distinguish itself from its previous “ugly” self. This spot, featuring Cam Newton, still hits on this message, but amps up the humor with the absurdity of him playing against kids.

World of Tanks
I have no idea if this game is any fun, but the two spots were funny. Mocking popular (and not very good) reality TV shows, these tanks smash into cliché scenes filled with arguing moms and pensive home buyers; the commercials raised brand awareness in a ridiculous manner. Tanks rule!

What were some of your favorite Super Bowl ads?