Arts & Entertainment

Arts and entertainment institutions play a vital role in the communities they serve. By providing a platform for artists and experts of all disciplines to share their work, arts and entertainment institutions support education initiatives, tourism, and job growth, while encouraging reflection on the human experience.

At Wingard, we specialize in branding and communications strategies that make efficient use of marketing budgets, while using research-based insights to tap into the right approach to engage guests, drive membership growth, and strengthen donor relationships.

Your institution has a message to share.
Let’s make it a masterpiece.

Wingard worked seamlessly with our Board of Trustees, staff and stakeholders capturing the DNA of the Museum and an identity expression that aligns with our future growth aspirations. They remain a vital part of our working brand team and exceed a single business agreement – they are truly ongoing partners in our success.

Maria Hane, President, Museum of Science & History