Vicarious by Cari Sanchez-Potter is known throughout Jacksonville for producing perfectly executed and exquisite evenings of food, art, and entertainment. A few weeks ago, while working with Cari, she mentioned organizing a fundraiser for the victims of the Pulse Nightclub. Skyy Vodka was signed on to sponsor the event, and Cari envisioned chefs and restaurants from all over Jacksonville participating. It would be an evening of food for a cause, and a chance to show solidarity with the LGBT community. All the proceeds would go to the Better Together Fund in Orlando to help fight the causes of discrimination.

We couldn’t cook for the event, but being a creative agency, we could offer our services. Without hesitation, our team volunteered to help and began brainstorming concepts for the evening. We all felt like it was more than a dinner. It was an event that would nourish the souls of the community. It was really a feast of love and support.

“Love Feast” felt like the right name to describe an event where the community was coming together in support of this important cause.

We wanted to turn the Love Feast concept into a promotional poster that would catch people’s attention and reflect the spirit of the evening. We decided fresh flowers spoke to the reverence needed for the event but also the hope we have that acceptance will grow out of this tragedy.

Within a couple of days, we were at Jensen Hande Studios with fresh flowers and produce. Normally a shoot like this takes a few days but in four hours, with the flowers beginning to wilt, we were able to create the image.

In the end, we created a poster which represents the event and will (hopefully) help promote the evening. Everyone’s collaborative effort to produce this piece quickly says a lot about the community in Jacksonville. From the participating chefs to the photography for the poster and artists for the event, no one hesitated to help, and I feel grateful we had the opportunity to contribute to such an important cause.