We enjoy Intuition Ale Works’ brews everywhere: the backyard, the office, their taproom, our kitchen, the shower, or at our desk. Intuition’s founder, Ben Davis, came to us nine months ago with the plans for his new brewery and taproom, and we were excited to help incorporate our passion for design and craft beer into the buildout. After all, we developed the brand identity for Intuition when the company first launched in 2010.

Our founder and creative director, David Wingard, had a clear vision for the project. “A Revolution is Brewing was a concept that came from one of Ben’s original beers – People’s Pale Ale,” he said. “For the image, we wanted to include Jacksonville’s riverfront, Naval history, and recent craft beer explosion. I immediately thought of a floor-to-ceiling illustration, which ties the whole thing together.”

Working with the architects from Design Cooperative (DCOOP), we helped create a visual identity for the building that included a series of informational panels for the brewery and taproom by our team of art directors, a hand-painted sign by David Nackashi, and a custom-illustrated mural for the rooftop bar by Michael Barnhart.

We also are helping brand the Black Sheep Restaurant at Intuition Ale Works, which will soon provide tasty pub fare for hungry drinkers.

Now, when customers enter the brewery, they intuitively understand the local, laid-back, and expertly crafted identity of Intuition Ale Works before they take one sip.