There has been a lot of talk this week about the new Instagram logo. A lot of people are asking why Instagram decided to rebrand at all. No matter what you think of the design, we think rebranding helps companies stay current. It’s a great way to draw attention to the brand, and start a conversation about your company’s key differentiators.

The consensus at Wingard Creative is that we like the new logo. It’s clean and simple but still catches your eye – overall a refresh of the app was a good move. Stripping away any extra design in the user interface (UI) helps to highlight the content instead of the app itself.

Instagram is growing up; its users do more than put a vintage filter on a photo now. The app features quality content and showcases curated visuals. The brand refresh establishes their growing importance and functionality in the user market.

Additionally, the rebrand has been effective because even if people hate the new logo, they are still talking about it. Change is hard for people, but in a few months, once people get used to the new look, this argument will have gone by the wayside leaving Instagram with an even larger, more captive audience.