The Florida Times-Union published an article titled “Remote work, bonuses and other perks: How Jacksonville businesses are attracting, keeping employees,” featuring insight from Wingard CEO Russell Baker. In the article, Baker touched on ways our agency approaches employee engagement, recruitment, and retention — with a heavy emphasis on company culture.

To Baker, progress over perfection is the key when it comes to retaining Wingard’s employees. Taking steps to make incremental changes that employees would like to see and asking for feedback on a regular basis are two strategies that make a huge difference.

“Some things take longer than others to change,” Baker said, “but retention is something that has helped us tremendously. Everything has been very different over the last two years, but everything we have done has been done to bring in the right people and keep the ones we have.”

Read more about Baker’s insight, along with leadership from other major businesses across Jacksonville, by clicking here. Thank you to Alexandria Mansfield and Corey Perrine for including us in your article.