According to this article by Media Life Magazine, there are five key trends media buyers and planners should watch this year. The biggest prediction is that digital advertising will surpass TV for the first time as the top ad spending category. It also predicted:

  • Google and Facebook will increase their digital dominance.
  • Mobile video will get even hotter.
  • Print ad spending will fall even more sharply.
  • Radio will remain steady.

These predictions are meant to be applied as a general rule, and to me, the biggest shocker and most important trend to focus on is digital outpacing TV. The success of this prediction depends on what you classify as “digital.” Will digital media dollars increase in 2017? Yes. Will they surpass TV? No. Not this year, but soon.

The perspective (and truth) that more people are using digital avenues to get news, shop, listen to music, and consume media means more companies will increase their spending on digital advertising. However, according to research from Comcast, it’s important to remember that roughly 25 percent of all TV watched is online, which is still categorized the same as traditional TV viewing. In the advertising business, watching TV doesn’t necessarily mean actually watching programs on your 55-inch flat screen.

These days, TV programs (and their advertisements) can be watched on various devices through a variety of online formats. Therefore, while I agree with some of the logic behind Media Life Magazine’s predictions, I don’t see overall spending on digital ads surpassing TV ad revenue. TV is still king, at least for the next year.

Regardless of what trends may come in and out of the advertising realm each year, it’s most important to determine and hone in on the exact audience you are trying to reach. There are many mediums to choose from, which is why you should consult an expert when deciding how to spend your advertising dollars. Experts like us help ensure you invest your advertising budget most appropriately for your campaign goals, not what simply aligns with this year’s glitzy trends.