About Wingard

Who We Are

In 2008, David Wingard left the big agency world to start a one-man design studio. New clients started calling. He kept answering. Others joined the team, bringing their ideas, experiences, skills, solutions, and perspectives. Along the way, “he” became “we.”

And here we are.

Our Mission

To connect brands and customers through thoughtful design and communications.

Our Vision

Realized potential. For our partners, our community, and our people.

We at Wingard are storytellers, and we believe that the best stories are those that celebrate the diverse perspectives that make our world a better place.

As a company, we are committed to building a culture that promotes diversity, inclusion and equity in both our workplace and our community for all people — regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, age, ethnicity, nationality, ability or any other characteristic that makes a person unique.

  • We realize and appreciate the endless potential each person brings as a result of their life experiences.
  • We value partnering with organizations that make our community more equitable — and actively seek out relationships that share our mission.
  • We challenge ourselves to embed diversity, equity and inclusion in our company culture and broaden opportunities for our partners in the work we do.

We’re proud of our Recession-era roots and the values that have guided our growth:


Comfort zones make us uncomfortable. We seek new ways of looking at each partner’s business to uncover new opportunities for differentiation and growth.

Strategy & Style

When it comes to our work, we value brains and beauty. Great designs and clever campaigns paired with insight-driven strategies yield incredible results.


When we set a route, we remain open to detours. Sometimes an alternate route is necessary for the sake of the creative process (or the deadline).


We’re big-picture people who obsess over little details. That’s how granular details evolve into a grand finale.


First impressions are important, but every impression matters — especially since customers may interact with a brand multiple times before acting.

We Are Wingard


David Wingard

Founder & Chief Creative Officer, Partner

Russell Baker

CEO, Partner

Natalie DeYoung

Vice President of PR & Communications, Partner

Camille Middleton

Account Director

Adam Berry

Vice President of Digital & Web

Kyle Brown

Media Director, Operations

Danielle Russell

Director of Web Development

Account Service

Jenny Ross Clarke

Senior Account Executive

Hana Ferguson

Account Executive

Natalie Schulte

Project Manager


Nick Villalva

Senior Art Director

Thomas Taylor

Art Director

Rain Henderson

Art Director

Ruben Baeza

Art & Motion Director


Lauren Wilson

Digital Marketing Manager

Amanda Williamson

Copywriter/Social Media Manager

Brittany Ezelle

Digital Marketing Coordinator


Shannon Werling

Web Designer & Developer

Public Relations

Nan Kavanaugh

Senior PR & Communications Manager

Ashley Williams

PR & Communications Manager

Alaina Bundy

PR & Communications Manager

Carissa Marques

PR Coordinator

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